Production and selling of metal clamps, structure clamps and similar articles.
All activities, products and services of the organization inside this purpose are included in Lifial's Environmental Management System NP EN ISO 14001.
The purpose is kept as documented information and is available to all interested parts in this Management Manual, in the company's website and is fixed in the appropriate placards. Its understanding is also disclosed and interpreted and assurred, in training context.


Lifial, Indústria Metalúrgica de Águeda, Lda., a company from multinational group Norma Group, having as reference Norma Group's strategy, values, context, relevant requirements from interested parts, nature, escale and activities' impact, products and services, has decided,  within the scope of its EMS, under the commitment of their General Direction, to stablish,  implement and maintain an Environmental Policy that allows them to conntinue positioning themselves as a reference:


Protection of the evironment and prevention of pollution inside our range of ativity: production and sell of metal clamps, structure clamps and similar articles.


Minimize the impact (environmental risk) of our activities, products and services concerning all levels of interaction with the surroundings.

  • Maintenaince of a Envirnomental Management System (EMS) in conformity with the norm NP EN ISO 14001, properly framce with the organization's management;
  • Integration of environmental policies, programmes and practices in all business as indipensable elements of admnistration in all of its functions;
  • Based on legislation, environmental regulation and meeting the requirements of interested parts, use cientific knowledge and tecnhological developments to improve corporate policies, programmes, and evironmental performance;
  • Consider the environmental repercussions before starting any new activity or project and before installing new equipments and installations or abandoning any productive unit;
  • Produce products non agressive for the environment, safe in use, consumption and elimination or valorization; efficient in the consumption of energy and natural resources and  that may be recicled, reused or stored safely;
  • Take in consideration the efficient use of water, energy and raw material, the sustainable use of natural resources, the minimization of negative impacts to the environment and generation of pollution, and the responsable and safe use/disposal of residueS;
  • The compliance of conformity obligations, resulting from legislation and regulamentation, relevant requisits from interested parts, contracts and other requisits that the organization subscribes;
  • Evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts resulting from the actitivies, products and services, as well as new or modified process, establishing the improvement objectives related to environmental aspects meaningful to the control and minimization of impacts;
  • Evaluation and period review of environmental perfomance, towards continued improvement;
  • Environmental training and awareness of all company employees in order to motivate general participation in the fulfilment of the established environmental objectives, the improvement of environmental performance and in the compliance of confirmity obligation;
  • Environmental awarenes of employees, suppliers and other relevant interested parts;
  • Comunication with interested parts regarding this policy and other aspects of environmental management, in order to reinforce the organization's reputation within the scope of environmental management.

The General Direction assures the allocation of the necessary resources to the implementation of this Environmental Policy and promotes and  follows its comunication and comprehension as basis for continued improvement, sustained in the based-risk thought, essential to obtain the effiency of Lifial's EMS.


Quality is one of Lifial's (a member of Norma Group) key words, and in accordance to it we place a great effort in its improvement, promoting this value on a daily basis in all aspects of our business..

We focus our efforts in the delivery high quality products, in building long lasting relationships and trust with our customers and all interested parts, bearing in mind their expectations and requirements..

Our quality assures:
  1. No fails mentality: we commit to guarantee the minimun failure in our production and business process.
  2. Customer perspective: We are focused on our customers' satisfaction and we want to be recognize by suplying high quality products. Our objective is to meet our customer expectations, offering a large range of products and flexibility.
  3. Continued improvement- We commit to assure improvements through Norma's systems, starting with Norma Production System and until the Norma Business System and through the requirements of the Quality Management System..
  4. Compliance/Conformity - We comply with the legal and stauary requirements and we are focused on achieving the aplicable and relevant standards according with our business activity.
  5. Decision-making based on evidences - We are commited to conduct our business, at all levels, by watching and actiting according to the defined indicators on a daily basis. We monitor our process and guarantee the eficiency of our actions.
  6. Technology - We invest in the continuous improvement of our process, respecting the quality, security and environmental requirements.

With this quality policy, Lifial ( member of Norma Group) is determined to comply with all work process and actitivies in acording with or Quality Management System.