About Us

About Us

Lifial - Indústria Metalúrgica de Águeda, Lda., was founded in 1988.

Located in Águeda at 20 Km from Aveiro and occupies a total area of 10.500m2.

We are a market leader in producing metal clamps for fastening, agriculture and industry, who brings the best procedures guaranteeing to our customers:
Quality products
Best prices
Fast deliveries
Studies and free budgets

For our manufacturing capacity, we can offer an immediate reply to our customer needs.



Commercialize our products with excellent service and ethics way, with the intention to create added value for customers, employees and suppliers.

Main objectives:

Provide after-sales service which aims the satisfaction of the assistance requirements of our
Guarantee their customers innovative products that meet their needs, with quality and product
Retain our customers through excellent service.
Persistently continue to broaden the basis of already achieved markets and act in new international



Be acknowledged nationally and internationally as a reference company in the market where it operates.

By the accumulated experience, Lifial has the capacity to dominate diversified product technologies that guarantee a higher level of satisfaction, the ability to present specific and adequate solutions to the business of each client.

Company that does not give up further training, good resources management, a proper interpretation and adaptation to market trends.



Establish closer relations with customers based Integrity, Trust, Competence and Partnership
Respect for deadlines and agreed values
Customer Satisfaction
Respect for the Environment
Ensure stable employment for their workers


Quality Policy

Quality is one of the key aspect of Lifial – A member of Norma Group, and in accordance with that we put a big effort on our quality improvement, with promoting this value on daily basis in each aspects of our business.

We focus our self to deliver a high quality products, to build a long term relationship and trust with our customers and all interested parties, in accordance with they requirements and expectations.

Our quality we ensure with:

  1. Zero failure mindset – We are committed to ensure minimum failure in our manufacturing and business processes.
  2. The customer perspective – We are focused customer satisfaction and we want to be well-known provider of high quality products. We aim to achieve customer expectations, offering a wide rage and flexibility of our products.
  3. Continual improvement – We are committed to ensure all our improvements starting through the Norma Production System to Norma Business System and Quality management system requirements.
  4. Compliance – We comply with legal and statutory requirements and we are focus to achieve applicable and relevant standards for our business activity.
  5. Data driven decision making – We are committed to steer our business to every level, by monitoring and acting in accordance to our key metrics on daily basis. We monitoring our processes and ensuring the effectiveness of our actions.
  6. Technology – We continually invest to improve our processes, with respecting quality, safety and environmental requirements.

With this quality policy Lifial (Norma Group) is stated to accomplish all working processes and activities in accordance of our Quality management system.


We are proud to be certified according t the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015,